Cloud obsession

This is the face of a man that’s drooled on me 3 times today.

Basically the first time I’ve really picked up my camera since school ended was recently at my dad’s out in the middle of nowhere on the most awesomely foggy day we’ve had in a long time. I feel like it’s really taking an effort for me to find anything that catches my eye enough to grab my camera lately, but out of the ordinary weather and days that make everything look different really get my mojo going.

So yeah, we hopped on our cool old bikes and took a ride and met this floppy eared dog and I spent some time trying out some long exposure stuff on the beach.

Forget me nots, being hardcore growing through concrete.

Stick bug hangin’ out during the drive to camp the other day.

Everything is so green and rainy today. This is my perfect day.

One day my Instagram will consist of more than photos of this kid. One day.

Nothing in the whole world means more to me than this kid. <3 #vscocam #kitten #petsofinstagram

Yo hey hello, I’m soooo sorry I’ve like, totally disappeared lately. School finished and things were kiiinda cray and looking for a job and and all that fun stuff on top of me just taking a break has eaten up my time but I’m back! Expect things to actually be posted a little more frequently in the next little while.

Also, my dad and sister found me another dead bird, this one’s a little more decomposed and stuff but I’m excited to use it and then clean it up and keep the bones.


Anonymous asked:

Im just curious did you take the photo of the dead bird? It's scanned right? Kinda a weird question but where did you get the bird? It's a beautiful photo.


Yep, it’s a scan! Not a weird question at all, my dad found it on the side of the road laying on the hard packed snow and brought it home for me. It’s in perfect condition. And thank you! :)