Does this make me successful and legitimate now, getting requests for nudes? Lmao.

Also, not gonna happen.

Also also, ex girlfriend.

Just saved this little dude from the clutches of my crazy hunter cat. My sister immediately asked if we could keep him/her.

Cloud obsession

This is the face of a man that’s drooled on me 3 times today.

Basically the first time I’ve really picked up my camera since school ended was recently at my dad’s out in the middle of nowhere on the most awesomely foggy day we’ve had in a long time. I feel like it’s really taking an effort for me to find anything that catches my eye enough to grab my camera lately, but out of the ordinary weather and days that make everything look different really get my mojo going.

So yeah, we hopped on our cool old bikes and took a ride and met this floppy eared dog and I spent some time trying out some long exposure stuff on the beach.

Forget me nots, being hardcore growing through concrete.

Stick bug hangin’ out during the drive to camp the other day.